"A brilliant guitarist adept at pretty much any style of playing"...

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"Jenny is classically trained and true to the tradition. Yet she loves rock ballads and is crazy about heavy metal. A Jenny Spear performance crosses all of those genres and leaves her audiences begging for more".

Guitar-the Australian Journey, Barrallier Books, 2011)


Jenny Spear

Column: Band Profiles  |  Date Published: Tuesday, 23 October 12   |  Author: Ashley Thomson   |      |  1 day, 18 hours ago

Where did your band name come from? At the moment we don’t have a name but we’re trying to think of one... Not easy!

Group members: Jenny (vocals and guitars), Chris Holly (bass) and Ian Johnson (drums) are the core members, but we also utilise the talents of some very awesome musos, including Bruce Callaway (ex-Saints, New Christs), Sandy Pollard and Chris Johnson.

Describe your sound: That’s a tough one – we like so many things and cut across genres like no one’s business! We like to keep it tight, melodic and interesting. There’s a mix of steel and electric guitars in the songs and lots of cool harmonies.

Who are your influences, musical or otherwise? Heaps and too many to mention here. Really broad, but I would have to mention You Am I, Jeff Lang, Nick Cave and, dare I say it, Led Zep. Oh yeah, and I love flamenco.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had whilst performing? Playing a variety show in between a contortionist and the Doug Anthony All Stars.

Of what are you proudest so far? My new album, Black is a Colour (available on iTunes and from my website).

What are your plans for the future? Heaps! I want to keep recording music and playing it out loud.

What makes you laugh? Noel Fielding and co. (e.g. Mighty Boosh).

What pisses you off? Bigots.

What about the local scene would you change? The segregation of the scene – it’s very easy to get labelled as indie, non-indie, mainstream, etc. Not helpful, particularly when you’re an artist who likes to go genre-surfing as an extreme sport.

What are your upcoming gigs? Fri Nov 2, Jerrabomberra Hotel; Thu Nov 18, Beyond Q Bookstore, Curtin; Sat Dec1, Bungers and Mosh Music Festival @ Bungendore Memorial Hotel with my brand new band The Rip.

Contact info: jennyspearmusic.com or spearjenny@aol.com

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